Ice cream range

Boutique manufacturers of sorbet, ice cream, gelato, frozen desserts and a range of finest frozen pastries. FIND OUT MORE!


We offer a range of finest frozen pastries FIND OUT MORE!


We offer a fine range of frozen desserts FIND OUT MORE!

Exceptional quality for over 30 years.

Formed 1980 in Cairns licks gelato is a specialist boutique ice cream factory
marketing fresh, handmade, all natural ice cream, gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt to the retail, foodservice, restaurant and catering sectors.

The company’s client base includes leading five-star chefs in Far North Queensland and various icecream, gelato and smoothie/juice bar chains.

We are committed to producing only the finest quality ice cream – made from the finest ingredients using our own recipes, many of the fruit we using in our icecream and sorbet are grown and harvested locally. Fresh dairy cream and whole milk ensure a superb tasting product range.